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    help with verb forms

    I often think of changing my job. Adverb
    Please be quiet! I'm concerntraing. infnitive
    When he spoke to me I realized that I had seen him before. relative clause
    At six tomorrow, I'll be driving up the 195. gerund
    The wind was howling and the trees were crashing around him. modal verb
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    Re: help with verb forms

    "changing" is the gerund form of "change"
    "concentrating" is the progressive participle of "concentrate"
    "spoke" is the past tense of "speak"
    "driving" is the progressive participle of "drive"
    "was" is the singular past tense of "be"

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    Re: help with verb forms

    2 & 4- You'll also see the term 'present participle' used.

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