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    Used to look like?


    is it correct if I say : "I used to look like really ugly."?

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    Re: Used to look like?

    Quote Originally Posted by maral55 View Post

    is it correct if I say : "I used to look like really ugly."?
    No, 'I used to look really ugly.'

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    Re: Used to look like?

    "I used to look, like, really ugly!" could work if you are a valley girl. I'm guessing you are not, so you should leave out the "like": "I used to look really ugly." You can also use "like" if you are actually comparing yourself to something or someone: "I used to look like a really ugly frog" or "I used to look like Tom Cruise... in 'Vanilla Sky' after the accident."

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    Re: Used to look like?

    look like
    : to have an appearance that is very similar to (someone or something)
    : to resemble (someone or something)
    ▪ You look just like your mother! [=you resemble your mother very closely]
    ▪ That powdered sugar looks like snow.

    look + adjective
    ▪ He looks angry.
    ▪ Her new haircut makes her look young/younger.
    ▪ That cake looks delicious.
    ▪ “How does the situation look (to you) now?” “It looks pretty bad/good.”
    ▪ It looks dangerous/unlikely.
    Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary


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