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    Interview (2 of 13 questions and answers)

    Hi, I'd like to answer this questions. I' dlike a native speaker's opinion to tell me if the answers are clear and ok. Suggestions are also wanted, but please let me understand where my mistakes are....Thanks a lot. Rip

    2. What is the background of the bandmembers?

    • Each of us comes from different musical genres, guitarist Andrea Mignani from classic hard rock, drummer Andrea Griselli from Canterbury/jazz rock, singer Augusto Morelli from Italian pop rock; Claudio Franciosi and me from classical music.

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    Re: Interview (2 of 13 questions and answers)

    It's OK. Some would use 'I' not 'me', and to be picky two of you come from classical backgrounds so the 'each or us...' part is slightly inaccurate.

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