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    Question no later than" and "not later than."?

    I got a question when I emailed to someone and specified the time for an an appointment. Could anyone tell the difference between "no later than" and "not later than."?

    Thank you!

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    Re: no later than" and "not later than."?

    "No later than" means "not any later than"; it may be a minor difference and perhaps more one of intuitive degree than anything else. I would be inclined to say that "no later than" gives me the sense of being able to do something up to a certain point while "not later than" is more about not doing something after that point or could be used to compare two events. I'm also more likely to break up the phrase "not later than" and put "not" before a verb.

    Please arrive no later than 10 o'clock.
    Please do not arrive (any) later than 10 o'clock.

    She came late to the meeting, but she was not later than Anthony. (She came sometime before Anthony.)
    She came late to the meeting, but she was no later than Anthony. (She came at the same time as Anthony.)

    Please submit your application no later than Tuesday.
    Please submit your application on time, not later than Tuesay. (Do not submit it after Tuesay.)

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