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Thread: Q passive ..

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    Q passive ..

    How can I change this into passive :

    I have been to U.K

    is that correct : U.K has been been by me .
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    Re: Q passive ..

    Perhaps, "The U.K. has been visited by me."

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    Re: Q passive ..

    Note that the passive can be constructed naturally only for those verbs with a direct object. In "I have been to the UK" there is no such object to form the passive.

    If your original was "I visited the UK" then it would work and as you can see, that's already the answer you got and the best you'll probably get. Even when a sentence CAN be transformed into the passive grammatically, you can still end up with a very unnatural sentence.

    Also, please note that it's "the U.K." not just "UK"

    {not a teacher}

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    Re: Q passive ..

    I think the verb "to be " here has no object so we can't change it into passive.

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