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    Question similar phrasal verb?

    Dear teacher!
    Could you show me the different between two phrasal verbs "come/go down with" and "pick up" (a disease)?
    She CAME DOWN WITH a virus.
    I PICK UP a cold.
    Thank you very much!

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    Re: similar phrasal verb?

    come down with sth [no passive] to get an illness that is not very serious: I think Iím coming down with flu.

    pick sthup
    to get or obtain sth: I seem to have picked up a terrible cold from somewhere. I picked up £30 in tips today.

    come down with (an illness)
    to begin to have or suffer from (an illness)
    ▪ She came down with [=contracted] measles.
    ▪ I think I may be coming down with [=getting, catching] a cold.

    pick (something) up or pick up (something)
    to become sick with (an illness) from someone or something
    ▪ I think I picked up [=caught] a cold from someone at work.

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    Re: similar phrasal verb?

    To pick up a disease means to come down with a disease.

    I picked up a bug
    I picked up a disease
    I came down with the worst case of food poisoning.
    I picked up a cold.
    I came down with a cold.

    Seemingly they are interchangeable. Both pv's refer to minor illnesses.

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    Smile Re: similar phrasal verb?

    What about "TAKE OUT" and "THROW OUT"?

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