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    Question Dance hold?

    When I was trying to write some sentences about dancing I couldn't find the right expressions for the involved physical contact (hands to hands and/or waist). I found out it was called the dance hold, but I am really confused about how to express it in a verb form. I thought of "hold each other" but when I tried to google it I found more or less only results where it was used to describe a rather closer body contact. Is this right in this usage too (a classic ballroom dance with lighter contact)? Or is there a better way of saying it? I don't want to include anything more specific about the way the hold is done, if that is possible. Thank you for any help

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    Re: Dance hold?

    They joined hands or they held hands. Maybe they clasped hands.
    He held his partner by the waist. He rested his hand at/on her waist. He set his hand on her waist. He put his left hand on her waist and she rested her right hand on his shoulder. She rested her hand in his or set her hand in his.

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