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    Wink Where is the teacher?

    Hello Teacher?

    Just some very simple question for me to instantly know if this feature option is really good to use.

    1, what does the"ask a teacher" mean? something like posting a qusestion and the waiting for someone who capable of it to answer?

    2, Is there any possiblity for me to find somebody who I really can pour out something that I never willing to reveil to the people around me? I know this type of friends making is out of date, but I think it also the only wat that we both can really be true to ourself understand that kind of communicate.

    3. May I know your name if you are the fixed teacher supportting this forum? and I also wonder what does your company mainly benefit from?

    I very so expectant to get your writing back

    Thx and Regards

    Lucas Bai

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    Re: Where is the teacher?

    1 There are many teachers who will answer your questions. Others will also answer and generally will indicate that they are not teachers.
    2 This is a public forum. You may find someone who will do that, but most people respond to public questions. Here, people engage in public discussions and answer questions out of interest and create an online community. If you want a private individual teacher, then maybe you should go to a site where you can engage private teachers, though that sort of service will obviously not be free.
    3 Full company details are available in the About section.
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    Re: Where is the teacher?

    Hello Tdol

    Thx for your fast reply. That's very helpful.

    To my understanding, the teacher here answering people's question all are voluntary? right? If so, I wonder how doest this pape benefit from? as you know, the page is suffix is .com, not org.

    Secondly, thx for ur time explaining beforehand, do you have used one function in this site, called "text analysis" . Do you figure out how it works and if the analysis result is valuable and reliable ? I just wonder for what standard it evaluates those texts.

    Hope my question written in correct english. and thx again for your time helping


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