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    tag, 'thread' & 'post'

    1) I found the word 'tag' appeared in Facebook and other similar websites. What does 'tag' stand for in that situation?

    2) In, I found there are "submit new thread", "new post", 'My post", "unanswered threads" to click on.

    a) Are "thread" & "post" interchangeble in usage?
    b) What are the difference between 'thread' & 'post' in meanings &

    Tks / ju

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    Re: tag, 'thread' & 'post'

    To 'tag' something means to mark it as special or separate. It could also mean to add a label that will help with searches. I don't use facebook, so I'm not exactly sure in that context.

    A thread is a string (or collection) of posts. A post is each person's comments within the thread. Your question above is a post. My reply is also a post. Combined together (and including all other replies after), they make a thread. A thread my have many posts; a post is part of a thread. The forum will have many threads, and each thread has its own topic.

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