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  1. fantomboy

    i need some hints for my final test (ENGLISH TEST)

    I need some hints for final test. My teacher give me 4 topics about Speaking, 4 topics about Writting. here is them :
    1. Litter and solution
    2. Modern communication and predictions in near future (5 years later)
    3. Hobbies and sports (I can do it)
    4. Your experience in studying English.
    1. what do you hove to gain from your universicy education
    2. evaluate a significant experirence or achivement that has meaning for you
    3. what do you think the world will be different 50 years from now, what change do you expect to witness
    4. disscuss some issues of personal, local, national or international concern and its impotant to you

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    Re: i need some hints for my final test (ENGLISH TEST)

    Write, memorize and practice in front of a mirror and tape recorder a short speech about the first four; write a one-page composition about the second four. Post the latter here.

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