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    Re: How to learn English well

    There is an old joke about a tourist new to New York City who asks a native, "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" And the native (thinking the person wants to perform there, rather than just find the venue) replies, "Practice, man, practice." The same advice applies to learning a new language - practice, practice, practice!

    Many adults learning English have benefited from watching TV shows aimed at children, because the people involved speak slowly and clearly. For example, Mr. Rogers or The Electric Company.

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    Talking Re: How to learn English well

    In 6 months you can learn a great deal...or you can learn nothing (trust me...I know...I tried to learn Spanish in Canada before I moved to Spain and I learnt...nothing).

    I only learnt Spanish when I was surrouned by it. So I think one key thing is to surround yourself with English.

    I would suggest (for listening)
    Watching tv series (DVDs) with subtitles in English. At first it will be hard and frustrating but TRUST ME it will get easier.
    Watch movies with subtitles
    Listen to the radio in English all the time (in the car, on the bus, while you work or study) Just have the radio on. Even if you don't listen to it conciously, your ear will get more comfortable hearing English and you will be able to understand more.

    I hope that helps.

    Have a great day!
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    Re: How to learn English well

    Listening to the same content again and again will help to get the rhythm of the language

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    Re: How to learn English well

    dear all,
    I have the same idea with you so i come here. Hope to get something useful for me to learn. Learning english is a progress. it takes long time I must invest time for it. You should practise everyday, If so you will be better. At your school you learn english with foreigner or local teacher.?
    I suggest there are many link on web which you can find very useful to learn by yourself (4 skills)

    Good luck to you and I will come here to reference the other post

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    Re: How to learn English well

    Tips for learning English

    1. Learning a language means learning a skill, not acquiring knowledge. You test your command of a foreign language by your ability to perform in it, not by how much you know about it. Performance refers to your ability to understand, speak, read and write. Knowledge refers mainly to grammar rules and vocabulary.
    2. So avoid reading anything that you know is too difficult for you. Reading should be a pleasure, so the texts should be within your range.
    3. If you read enough, you will find that you will acquire a large vocabulary without needing to turn to the dictionary all the time.
    4. If you are reading an argument, make notes on the points 'for' and 'against'. Once you have these notes, use them to give a little talk in English which attempts to recreate what you have just read. Alternatively, use the notes to 'say the text to yourself' as a mental exercise. You will soon get into the habit of not only reading in English, but thinking in English as well. Thinking in a foreign language is an indispensable requirement of fluency.
    5. You should read as widely as you can. You don't want to read pieces which are mainly about language and language learning, so try to read articles in general magazines (either local or international).
    6. The best way to give up smoking is to stop smoking cigarettes, etc. The best way to eat less is to start eating less. The best way to read an article is to read it.
    7. Writing a summary of something you have read is excellent practice.
    8. Keeping a diary is an excellent way of improving your written English for the following reasons:
    1. It is constant practice.
    2. You are writing about true experiences.
    3. Writing a diary gives you constant practice in three writing styles: narration, description and reflection.
    9. Remember, there are two kinds of vocabulary: receptive and productive. Receptive vocabulary refers to the words you can recognize and understand but can't necessarily use. Productive vocabulary refers to the words you know and can use with confidence.
    10. It's totally pointless learning grammar for its own sake.
    11. Sentence structure is the way we show the relationship between ideas and events.
    12. The most important thing to do with a dictionary is really to use it, above all when you are reading. Use it till you know your way round it and enjoy what it offers you.
    13. Reading a newspaper is the very best thing you can do to improve your English. Don't set yourself too much reading so you become discouraged. Read a little from a nespaper every day. It will put you in touch with a whole range of subjects in good modern English.
    14. I would say you have to discount your native language. Interference from your native language is the biggest barrier to acquisition. ... You have to unlearn the habits you have acquired in your native language in order to master the habit you need to speak a foreign language. This is very difficult and accounts for the different foreign varieties of English you hear round the world ( Frenglish, Spanglish, Chinglish, etc. ): the native language is asserting itself in English and 'interfering' with acquisition. Interference occurs in all areas: pronunciation, stress and intonation, grammar, vocabulary as well as ways of thinking, ways of problem-solving. Even misunderstandings among nations are often the direct product of this kind of interference.
    15. Listening comprehension is the key to the command of any foreign language. That's one of the reasons why it's so difficult to learn on your own.
    16. Any communicative or practical use of English is better than tudying grammar for its own sake. ... Whatever you do, don't study grammar in isolation.

    By L.G. Alexander
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    Re: How to learn English well

    Quote Originally Posted by K.Margaret View Post
    I'm a middle student from China.In my life, English is very important for me.Because English is a important subject in my school.Now, everyday we have three English lessons more or less.When I just went to middle school, my uncle told me to do English Listening often. But I didn't do that.Now,I'll have a important exam in six months---it decides if I can go to a good high school to study,but my English Listening isn't good enough.English Listening is a important exam as well.I want to improve it, but I don't know how to begin.The second is my English grade.At times, I always think my English is well,but when the grade is out, I'm not pleased with it.Now, I want to improve my English. Can you show me the answers to these?If so, thank you very much!!
    Hey, I like to learn english.
    As you well know, nowadays English is important for the people who want to looking for a good job.Of course others languages are also important.I mean that English is a popular language all over the world.And everyone knows that.But it don't mean that they know the ways to learn or improve English well.I have a question , it is Why we use our mother language well?The only answer is :"Every day we use it".How do you think about that?.
    I think that is true.Because when we were born everyday we hear our mother language from our parent....And when we grow up a little (when we were a child) mother language is firt language that we were learn.And till now mother language is often used to communicate with each others.
    Therefore , in my opinion "Use english everyday, anywhere and anytime (if any) is the best way to improve english well".
    I do hope to see your feedback.

    Good day !

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    Re: How to learn English well

    just speak more.listen more.
    dvdcollection sale

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    Re: How to learn English well

    1. Check all above
    2. Improve your vocabulary all the time. Flashcards is the best method here. Either fabricate them from paper, either use software (I am using xCards on my iPhone)
    3. Have English-speaking boyfriend/girlfriend - this one is the best!

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