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Thread: make believe

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    make believe

    Hi teachers!

    Is it okay to use "make believe" to mean "convince" like below?

    1. I couldn't make believe my boss that my plan is the best.
    2. I couldn't convince my boss that my plan is the best.



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    Re: make believe

    No no!

    The phrase "make believe" means "pretend." To my ear, it has a child-like sound. When you "Play make believe" with your child, you pretend you are a fairy princess or a dragon or something.

    For "convince," the phrase "make him believe" (cause him to hold a belief) is close, but it sounds like what you are hoping he will believe may not be the truth.

    However, "make a believer" might work. I knew my plan was the best, but I couldn't make my boss a believer.

    {not a teacher}

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    Re: make believe

    No, I couldn't make him believe, but make believe when the words are together mean "fantasize".

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