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    bought out, called the whole deal off, goo-goo, Health Visitor,gastric feeding,..

    May I know the meanings of the following phrases in red from an article talking about nurturing/touch for sons and daughrers

    1) My newborn's needs bought out challenges that could make the climbing of rugged mountains seem boring and routine.

    2) A 4-year-old is not a newborn baby. Yet he needed to know that he could be touched and held - after all, he was the new 'baby' in the house. There was a lot of testing that first year, and I have always thought that had I not loved up to his emotional expectations, he would have somehow called the whole deal off.

    3) Forget the cliche - nurturing babies is not a soft little goo-goo activity that mum does while dad's out earning a paycheck.

    4) Some mothers are referred by their GP, midwife or Health Visitor because they are in beed of reassurance during theis transition state of adapting to motherhood.

    5) Babies with sensory impairment, on continuous oxygen, with gastric feeding, cerebral palsy....etc have attended the help group with their moms.

    6) The meeting was stimulating, rich in information and a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people.

    Tks / ju

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    Re: bought out, called the whole deal off, goo-goo, Health Visitor,gastric feeding,..

    Since I used to be a nurse I am on home territory for some of this article (and I used to live in HK!)
    1) I am guessing that this is 'brought out' not 'bought out', a phrasal verb. It means that the challenges of the situation appeared, and they seem to be more difficult to manage than the idea of climbing a mountain.
    2) 'to call something off' = to cancel something'; and here the writer feels the son might choose not to be part of the relationship, in the way that a 4 year old child might react.
    3) 'goo-goo' - an expression to refer to the way babies sound before they start to formulate words. The expression gives the impression that everything about babies is easy and soft and nice.
    4)Health Visitor - a health professional who has a community responsibility after mothers leave the care of midwives, 10-14 days after giving birth
    5) Gastric feeding - a method of giving nutrition directly to the stomach using a tube and liquid nutrition, if a person can't eat in the normal way.
    6) 'Like-minded people' - people who have similar attitudes or opinions to the writer.

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