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    Smile I need help!!

    Hello. My name is Luisina Aimar and while I was writting some texts in english, I couldn't find the verb that matches with the word "soundtrack". I mean, which verb is the correct to the noun soundtrack, if I want to say that I "make" a soundtrack?

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    Re: I need help!!

    You recorded the soundtrack?

    You laid down the soundtrack?

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    Re: I need help!!

    Who did the soundtrack? Danny Elfman did the soundtrack for Edward Scissorhands.
    Danny Elfman composed the soundtrack for Edward Scissorhands.
    We recorded the soundtrack last week.

    The first is much less formal.
    In the second, it means he wrote the music for the soundtrack.

    Can you give us your example sentence? It may be easier to figure it out.


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