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    By considering or After considering

    I am bit confused in using the following words

    By considering or After considering

    For eg:

    I have designed the building by/after considering the various seismic parameters and other design factor of safety.

    Please explain By considering is correct or After considering?

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    Re: By considering or After considering

    You should use "after" because first you considered it, then you built it. If you want to stress how much time you spent thinking about something you can also say "after careful consideration" or "after carefully considering (something)"

    It is rare for us, but not wrong, to use "by considering," but it has a different meaning. For example, answering the question: "How did you become a better person"

    "I became a much better person by considering other people's feelings more" but, really, it is rare to use the phrase "by considering"


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