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    gets hard-wired ,"off switch"

    I am reading a book about the stress generated for a crying baby. May I know what is the meaning of the following phrase in red?

    Baby's stress response system gets hard-wired for over-sensitivity. The pair circuit in brain are activated as if baby was in physical pain. So we need to comfort baby to trigger "off switch".

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    Re: gets hard-wired ,"off switch"

    This is an electrical metaphor used to explain how the brain works. When you hard wire something, that means it only works one way, it does one thing and it doesn't stop doing that thing, a permanent feature. We also use the term to describe a natural function or innate characteristic of a living being that cannot be changed. This may be the way the baby's brain works, regardless of what you do: the baby may be naturally over-sensitive; it was made that way. However since the example says the brain "gets" hard-wired, it seems to indicate that something has created a permanent, unbroken circuit of oversensitivity.

    "The pair circuit in brain" is not correct grammar. I think you mean "The pair circuits in the brain".

    An "off switch" is something that is used to break an electrical circuit, like the switch we use to turn off the light. The electricity flows in a loop and causes a certain effect (the light is on, the baby cries). In order to stop the effect, you must interrupt the flow of electricity.

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