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Thread: rob Sb's sth

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    rob Sb's sth

    Dear teachers,

    We usually say "to rob Sb of Sth".
    However, is it OK to say "to rob Sb's Sth"?
    e.g. The man in black robbed the old lady's purse.

    Besides, is it OK to call someone is a "sports superstar"?

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    Re: rob Sb's sth

    We do say, "The man in black robbed the old lady's house."
    and "The man in black stole the old lady's purse."
    and "The man in black robbed the old lady of her purse."
    or if he just took her wallet or money or any item(s) , but not the entire purse we would say "The man in black stole something out of the old lady's purse."
    I do not think it is correct to say "The man in black robbed the old lady's purse." or at least this is not the usual way to say it.
    By the way, in the US we are very sensitive about aging, so it is usually not nice or polite to call a person old. Elderly is more polite if it is important to the meaning, and that would probably mean at least 70 years old. I hope this is helpful.


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