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    Hi, teachers
    Nice to see you.
    Here goes a question from a test paper by Chinese:
    .óIíve got to go now.
    óMust you ?I ______you could stay for dinner with us.
    A. think B. thought
    C. have thought D. am thinking

    The given answer is B.
    I actually know that. The second speaker expressed the disappointment.

    My question is :how about A or D?
    Personally, A, which is present simple, means the second speaker never changes his or her mind, and that "you are allowed to stay but maybe you won't".
    D, presnet progressive, is a polite way to mean the same thing as A, but it suggests limited duration, with a message that "your decision may change my mind soon".

    Am I right?

    If we added a conj to it, would it work?-----Must you? BUT I think you COULD stay.......
    Would you kindly help me?
    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: think

    'I think/am thinking' don't work with 'could'. You could use the past progressive.


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