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    I'm not the next anyone

    Noel Clarke: 'I'm not the next anyone' - Features, Films - The Independent
    Noel Clarke: 'I'm not the next anyone'

    What does the next anyone mean?

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    Re: I'm not the next anyone

    It's not uncommon for people to refer to famous people of the past when talking about someone today.

    If someone is a scientific genius, you might say "he's the next Einstein." If he's a handsome, appealing actor, you might say "He's the next Cary Grant." If he's a singer who mumbers a lot and has a mysterious appeal to affluent teens who think their lives suck, you migh say "He's the next Kurt Cobain."

    However, this person doesn't want to be comparied to anyone in the past. He wants to be his own person. He doesn't want to be the next anyone else.


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