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    to have some ring of truth ....

    "All junior schools were ordered to close for 2 weeks, starting today. It triggered cynical commentaries suggesting that the action should have been taken earlier. The skeptics further alleged the chief executive tooks this flu emergency as an opportunity to claim credit for the exercise. The criticisms seem to have some ring of truth to them."

    What is the meaning of to have some ring of truth ?

    Tks / ju

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    Re: to have some ring of truth ....

    have the/a ring of something

    if a statement or argument has a ring of truth, confidence etc, it seems as if it has this quality:
    His explanation has the ring of truth.
    ring of truth
    If something has a ring of truth, it seems to be true:
    This story has a/the ring of truth.

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    Re: to have some ring of truth ....

    Sometimes in perception the feeling that something seems true is a strong emotion we associate with a word, a person or a statement. In this case, "ring" is a metaphor for "sound" as in a musical sound or ringing. So, to have the ring of truth is to have the distinct feeling of something true.

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