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    feel up to something

    feel up to sth to have the strength and energy to do or deal with sth: Do we have to go to the party? I really donít feel up to it. [+ -ing] After the accident she didnít feel up to driving.

    I really don't feel up to it.
    Can I say "I really am not up to it" instead?

    After the accident she didn't feel up to driving.
    Can I say "After the accident she wasn't up to driving" instead?

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    Re: feel up to something

    Actually, there is a verb "to be up to smth.." and it means "To be equal to, or prepared for" (from an online dictionary).
    For example: he is up to the business, or the emergency.
    or, there is another meaning "To be engaged in; to purpose, with the idea of doing ill or mischief"
    For example: " I don't know what he's up to."

    So, as you see both verbs have a similar meaning.
    In your first sentence I would say: "I am really not up to it"
    In the second sentence I would leave it as you wrote it.

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