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Thread: Please help

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    Please help

    Hello Teachers,

    Could you please tell me what is the meaning of following phrases?

    1) "Let it be"

    2) "Fair enough"

    Please help.

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    Re: Please help

    let (someone or something) be
    : to not bother or touch (someone or something)
    ▪ Please let [=leave] me be.

    leave somebody/something be
    let somebody/something be
    to leave sb/sth alone without disturbing them or it: Leave her be, she obviously doesnít want to talk about it. Let the poor dog be (= donít annoy it).
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    Re: Please help

    fair enough
    informal —used to say that something is reasonable or fair
    ▪ “I'll wash the dishes today, and you can wash them tomorrow.” “Fair enough.”
    ▪ “He needs more time.” “Fair enough, but we can't wait too much longer.”


    fair enough (informal, especially BrE) used to say that an idea or suggestion seems reasonable: ‘We’ll meet at 8.’ ‘Fair enough.’ If you don’t want to come, fair enough, but let Bill know.


    fair enough
    especially British English
    used to say that you agree with someone's suggestion or that something seems reasonable [= OK]:
    'I think we should split the bill.' 'Fair enough.'
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