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    Red face Need Recommendation For ESL Book !!

    To: Everyone

    Hello, everyone!!
    I am currently tutoring 7th grade and 9th grade who just came from Korea. I would like to have some recommendation of good grammar(and general) English book to teach.

    For 7th grade, I started with TOEFL book, but it was too hard for her. She does not seem to follow my lead, so I really seeking a book that would be interesting to her.

    For 9th grade, I believe that he has some foundation, but not in American way. As you all know, English that is learned in Korea is different in America. I want to teach him in American style so that he can get used to it. I am seeking a book that includes all the TOEFL level grammars as well as other necessary sections such as basic reading.

    I am very excited to teach these students and would like to do my best so they can be successful in here. I believe that the most important time to adapt in America is first 2-3 years. If they don't understand grammar as much as possible, they will get behind and have hard time when they go to universities.

    I really appreciate for help ~~

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    Re: Need Recommendation For ESL Book !!

    For a grammar book, I like Michael Swan. In the UK, we generally use IELTS a lot more than TOEFL, so I'll leave the TOEFL recommendations to people with more experience of it.

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