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    The production of paper

    Paper has become an irreplaceable material nowadays. It appears everywhere, such as schools, markets and offices. This report will describe how paper is produced.

    The manufacture of paper is formed from several stages. First the trees are felled. Later the logs are stacked and transferred to the mill. Here they are unloaded and ground to wood chips before adding water and vegetable fibres. Then they are mixed into pulp. After being bleached, the pulp is beaten and added glue and resin. In the next stage, the mixture is passed through wire screens and fed to the rolling machine to remove water. Subsequently, it is pressed and watermarked. Next it is dried and glazed. Finally, it is cut in order to obtain the correct size then being sold.

    Can anyone check it for me, please? Thank you very much.

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    Re: The production of paper

    In essence, it is fine.

    But there are many other materials than wood from which you can make paper - grass, bamboo, linen [the best material], cotton, rags, old paper. Wood is the one that is used to make gigantic rolls of paper for mass printing.

    Each requires slightly different treatment of the basic material.

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