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Thread: Poker Grammar

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    Poker Grammar


    I was wondering if you would capitalize the names of common hands in poker, such as full house, straight, flush, and if you would capitalize more specific hands (even if you didn't capitalize the common ones like full house) such as eyes of texas, american airlines, etc..

    As well, what about card names, such as Ace or Two? Should those be capitalized or left in lower case? Also, I was wondering about suit titles, such as hearts or spades, would those be capitalized?

    I recognize this is a slightly bizzare line of questioning but your assistance would be greatly appreciated, whatever you are able to give.

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    Re: Poker Grammar

    I play quite a bit of poker, and participate in some poker-related English forums, but I hardly ever see the hand names or suits capitalized. American Airlines is capitalized though, and so is Presto! in most cases. Big slick is often capitalized too. Hooks is not, and neither is canine.
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