I have to send my letter of motivation within a few days, so if anyone could help me correct it, thanks!!!

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In the seven months I spend in South America the past year, I discovered myself and with that, I got more and more confident about my choice to study International Relations.

I have always been internationally orientated; in 2007 I applied for the United World College to finish my high school at International Baccalaureate level abroad. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass the 4th and last selection round, so I did my GCSE’s in The Netherlands. But also here in school I have always been extra interested in global issues, world politics, globalisation and how this effects the society we live in.
I got especially interested in Spanish language and Spanish/Latin-American culture during my travelling in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay from October 2008 until May 2009.
It was an amazing experience that I will never forget! I met people from all over the world and learned a lot from them. That is why I would love to study at an university which is at least as internationally orientated as I am!

Earning money for my trip I worked in a lunchroom/croissanterie. There I had an executive function within the company; I made the work schedules, held job interviews, hired people and I was responsible for the functioning of the rest of the team. I became very disciplined because of this job; I had a lot of responsibility and I even went to work when I was sick, because people counted on me.
The last years I have also done quite some volunteer work. Most of the time I worked for the event organisation Artishock from The Netherlands. I helped organising events, such as a street festival, a marathon, the biggest human Christmas Star of Europe, a society event of the Dutch Dance Theatre(NDT) and many more.
For about half a year I worked in the editorial staff of a local magazine. (They only work with people for periods of 6 months) I wrote articles about the cultural and social events that were going to happen in that month, for example reviews about plays and interviews.
In Argentina I have also done some community work with children in the slums of Bariloche.

Its part of my character to approach situations and happenings from different points of view, before I give an opinion about it. Also because of my experiences travelling alone in South America, I believe I am very independent, responsible, enterprising, spontaneous, curious, widely interested and not afraid to take risks when needed.
I know what I want and that makes that I am ambitious, inventive, organised and persistent.

I am not sure of my career plans after university. But I have no doubt that I will be introduced to subjects, issues and career options which will help me to make the best decision that combines my skills with my interests.

I have chosen for the University of Portsmouth, because of the big amount of international students, because it is known for its quality education, the excellent computing facilities and because of the extra assistance it offers to it’s students (for example assistance for finding housing).

I am convinced that this course would be perfect for me, not only because of my interests in politics, international relations and in the Spanish language, but also because of my personality that can and will make me a successful student.