Ashley Timms
Mrs. Turk
English 1301
16 June 2009
For Love or Money
Love is an unconditional affection towards someone or something. Money is a replacement for love, and an unsatisfying substitute at that. In todayís world we view love and money as a similarity, but when dissected the unattractive flaws of money are more evident. Money plays a vital role in peoples lifeís, whether they have too much or too little it seems to be a daily discussion for everyone.
Money effects morals and values in a drastically. My Poppy says, ďmoney is the root of all evilĒ, in this generation itís more than a saying itís the sad truth. When thereís no money to spend it tends to change our actions and make us act like we have common sense. We become more civilized and respectable, thereís no fame or cash to bail us out of jail. Church comes first for most when money isnít a necessity. On Sunday mornings we put what little money is left in the offering plate to multiply the needs of others. Our childrenís life come before all and, with no need to overindulge in work and money, we get to experience every bit of it from their first steps to our first grandkids. When we have an excess amount of money our actions go from civilized to ridiculous. We strive to be on the cover of the hottest magazine dressed like we have zero sense and an attitude to fit. Our money is used to bribe our way out of trouble. Behavior is determined by how much we want to spend for that night. Instead of church, weíre gone to promote ourselves at a movie premiere or on vacation for the fifth time this year. Work even comes before church we spend hours upon hours at a job we hate and donít forget overtime, all for more cash we didnít need in the first place, Our children become an extra expense rather than, a part of the family calling out for mom and dad is replaced with the nannyís name.
Along with our morals, lifestyles are also effected by our income. When money is tight we find ourselves clipping coupons just to save a penny and we look at every price tag praying its marked half price. Saturday nights are spent at home with inexpensive family nights; such as, playing games and renting movies. We donít have massive amounts of money to waste, our paychecks are divided into each bill we have to pay that month. When money is in abundance our time seems wasted on coupon clippings. A one thousand dollar pair of shoes thatíll only be worn once is a steal. Game nights are designed for the nannies and children in this standard of living. Parents go out on the town because quality family time is futile if no one else can see it. We own houses for a family of twenty when we only have a typical size family of four. Instead of one nice family car we own three extravagant sports cars per family member. All of this acquired with cash and with no hesitation.
These purchases result with two emotions, happiness for the time being until something newer comes along or unhappiness because we are jealous we do not own a large house and three cars. Both of these emotions boil down to simple happiness. Happiness is a lot of love and little money or a lot of money and little love. When money doesnít control everything in our lifeís we find time for more important things like love. We are reassured our spouses are with us out of love not wallets. When we receive gifts from loved ones itís the thought that counts not the bills; and our most intimate moments arenít paraded in Sundays newspaper for everyone to see. When money is a controlling factor our significant other becomes significant others. We change our spouses like we do our underwear. Forget gift giving it seems pointless when all we have to do is snap our fingers and we own four of whatever gift people thought they would give us. Instead of a romantic evening with your fourth spouse it becomes a scandalous rendezvous that everyone feels they must read about. Love just isnít as intimate when there is no privacy.
As our world changes our views of money change as well. Its all about how much we have and how fast we can spend it. Itís a mind game that people play to make there life seem less pathetic. The truth is if money is not what fills the void gap in our lifeís something else will. One of these days weíll realize money can only satisfy us temporarily, but love is permanent.