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Thread: verbs

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    Re: verbs

    Quote Originally Posted by Pedroski View Post
    A bit back it was 'a kind of temporal adjunct', an adverb of time for us peasants. Now it's an adverb of manner? Changed quickly, this quickly.

    It can have both functions. Either way, it is a verb phrase-modifier (adjunct, whether of manner or of time) and never an adjective-modifier (submodifier).

    Maybe you would like to explain how this simple four word sentence works, in your esteemed opinion. He was quickly dead.

    HE: pronoun, subject
    WAS: finite verb, copula, linking 'he' to 'dead'
    QUICKLY: adverb (here temporal, ="soon"), modifying 'was'
    DEAD: adjective, complementing 'was'.

    (I think, by the way, you would find the above to be the 'esteemed opinion' of any grammarian worth his salt!)

    That is, I'm afraid, all the time that I intend to devote to this topic. As far as I am concerned, the original point at issue - the intrinsically verbal nature of a participle - has been sufficiently demonstrated. I'll leave the rest of you to slug it out further if you wish. No doubt we shall have other opportunities to discuss this and related matters in future threads!

    I agree wholeheartedly.

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    Re: verbs

    I ran quickly. I can understand that.
    I ran slowly. I can understand that.
    *I was quickly. (I existed quickly). I can't understand how you can do that!
    Even less: I existed quickly dead!
    Your salted grammarians have need of philosophical help!
    Or maybe copula verbs are never modified? Grammarian?

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