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    when,while,if + being

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me your opinion concerning the following sentences?

    1.When being pure, water is a colourless liquid.
    2.When being water is pure it is colourless liquid.
    3.When being refluxed for one hour in hydrobromic and acetic acid the methyl ketone afforded 9-methyl-phenanthrene in 60% yield.
    4.While being treated for several hours, the compound turned dark red.
    5.If being properly carried out, microwave determination of dipole moment should be of considerable reliability.
    6.Many of the liquid esters decompose slowly if being kept at room temperature.
    7.When being in solution the compound was less reactive.
    8.When being a young man of 16 Kekule synthesized this compound.
    9.When being a liquid the substance was found to be heterogeneous.

    Thank you for your efforts.


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    Re: when,while,if + being

    1) Remove "being."
    2) Put a comma after "pure."
    3) Remove "being."
    4) Put a comma after "hours."
    5) Remove "being."
    6) Remove "being."
    7) Remove "being" and put a comma after "solution."
    8) Remove "being" and put a comma after "16."
    9) Remove "being" and put a comma after "liquid."

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    Re: when,while,if + being

    Where is the original post, or why has the original been altered?
    This is of no help to anyone else looking at it!


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