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    Trainer Interview : any tips ?

    Hi All,

    I am being interviewed next week for the position of a Teacher trainer.

    As i have no clue what they would ask , any help is welcome -- I look forward to it.

    Is there something i should be reading?

    They sent me a pre- interview task ( which says i might be asked to expand on my answers) .

    Again, I'd welcome any suggestion/ help.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Trainer Interview : any tips ?

    Err, what was the task?

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    Re: Trainer Interview : any tips ?


    You could be asked about your teaching methodologies, how is adult learning(training) different from teaching kids, how will you ensure that your teachers listen to & apply your instructions.Basically adult learning methodologies.And these ARE different!

    All d best!

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    Re: Trainer Interview : any tips ?

    They can ask you to teach something to them as if they were the teachers-to-be. Something about your teaching methodology, your experiences. Probably, confusing grammar points.

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