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    Advice Needed for my Practicum pls

    Hi I am very new to this so I seek your most kind advice and tips. I am currently doing my TESOL and will be having my practicum soon. Coming from a art/design background, I hope to put it into use. My students for practicum will be at pre-intermediate level and from China, and we are particularly told to test them on reading and writing.

    I am thinking of having a theme Advertisements and Publicity Materials- to teach them to read and understand contents of ads, flyers etc that they might have came across. On top of that, writing practice will come into use when they are asked to write a little advertisement about themselves.

    Now my dilemma is.. as asked by my lecturer, what form of grammar will I be teaching? Vocab? Tenses? Adjective? Honestly I am quite clueless on how to target a specific form to suit this theme. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. Oh yes, if you have any ideas on how to spice the lesson up, do feel free to let me know!

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    Re: Advice Needed for my Practicum pls

    See the ICALwiki for tips and ideas.

    Good luck

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