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Thread: Absolutely!

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    How different are absolutely, definitely and exactly and when do we use them?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Absolutely!

    used when you are giving or asking for information that is completely correct:
    The journey took exactly three hours.
    That'll be 15 exactly, please.
    It tastes exactly the same as the real thing, but has half the fat.
    The town centre looks exactly as it did when it was built in 1877.
    He's not exactly (= not what I would describe as) good-looking, but he has a certain attraction.
    "So you gave her your Walkman?" "Not exactly (= That is not completely true), I lent it to her."
    "What you seem to be saying is that more should be invested in the road system and less in the railways." "Exactly (= That is completely correct)."

    without any doubt:
    Have you definitely decided to go to America?
    He definitely said he'd be here.
    "Are you going to have children?" "Oh, definitely (= without any doubt)."
    "Is she not coming, then?" "No, definitely not."

    used as a way of strongly saying 'yes':
    "It was an excellent film, though." "Absolutely!"

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    Re: Absolutely!

    Quote Originally Posted by Daruma View Post
    used as a way of strongly saying 'yes':
    "It was an excellent film, though." "Absolutely!"
    Many of us are not absolutely convinced by this relatively new use of 'absolutely' for 'yes'.

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