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    give it, in other words;put it in other words;in plain words;more simply;be more exac

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether the expressions in bold in the following sentences are used properly?

    1.With present rockets and fuels it appears that it needs about a ton of take-off mass to enable a pound of matter to esacpe from the Earth’s gravitational field-to give it, in other words, the escape velocity of 25,000 miles per hour.
    2.When an object ie heated, the average speed of its molecules is increased, their average kinetic energy becomes greater or, to put it in another way, the object is said to be at a higher temperature.
    3.In plain words, electrons are electricity, and for this reason the electron is often considered as the unit of electrical charge.
    4.The unit of specific impulse is lb/l/sec or, more simply, seconds.
    5.The major part of the energy of an ordinary electric lamp is emitted in the infra-red region, or in other words, as heat.
    6.When we drop stone into water it does not more outward from the central point, but rises and then falls again. To be more exact the particles of water are vibrating relative to their former position in the vertical plane.
    7.The Curie were able to calculate that within the slace of q600 years half of any given quantity of radium disappears, to be more accurate, half of its matter turns into radiation.

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: give it, in other words;put it in other words;in plain words;more simply;be more

    I am not going to correct your sentences but I am going to throw in some useful phrases that you might like:

    - in words of one syllable
    - more precisely
    - that is, (by way of explanation, clarification, or an example); more accurately: I read the book, that is, I read most of it. Also, that is to say.
    - to explain sg in simple terms
    - explain with plain words

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