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    Dear teacher

    when i watch American filmes there are alot of swear words, no difference man or woman even children use, they use swear word even in the formal circumstance, what i want to know is that in the society i mean formal circumstances or in front of their parents(for sure we must be polite) Americans use this kinds of swear words what about Americans women,they use this kinds of know the media(especialy television and cinema) of a country shows the culture of a country .

    best wishes.

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    Re: culture

    Quote Originally Posted by mohammad
    . . . what about American women? Dothey use those kinds of words?
    Well, Mohammad, as you know, cultures will differ, and people within those cultures will differ as well. Word choice depends on the person, and the word.

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    Re: culture

    People do swear, but swearing is not regarded as a cceptable in formal circumstances. However, a lot depends on the definition of formal. It would be silly to swear in a job interview, or in a meeting with clients, but in a meeting with colleagues, it might be OK depending on your relation with them. I wouldn't regard being with my parents as a formal situation, so there's a possible cultural difference here. Some people might swear in front of their parents, but many wouldn't. Films only reflect parts of a culture, and what is seen in a film doesn't necessarily reflect society as a whole.

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    Re: culture

    Swearing happens all the time in every country. No matter where you go, you will hear people swearing, just in different languages. Now, it is true that some Americans swear in front of their parents or elders, but it depends on what kind of people they are. Not EVERY American swears in those kind of situations. The important thing is that there is difference between people who have learned how to behave politely and who have not.
    Furthermore, movies are just movies. It can show you various things in this country, which can be true or not true. Because one movie shows that Americans swearing a lot, it does not mean every American swears in the same way. Try to look at the whole picture, not just a tale of an elephant.

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