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    Wink plz help me to suggest some new words in this essay and also correct the mistake plzz

    Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers.
    Use specific reasons and examples to support your answers.
    You should give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experiences.

    I admit that parents are the best tutor for their children. Because know that teacher is a person who teaches something to their students. As we all know that the first learning or training class of children is at their mother’s belly. I believe that a mother’s character should be strong and inspiring that she could become the role model for her children. Not only mother, father also plays an important role for their children.

    No doubt, parents are the best coach of their children. Each and everything they learn from their home. They behave the same as they learn from the start of their growing age. Moreover if a child is behaving like a stubborn person in the age of 3-4, then it is the task of parents to manage and adjust their mentality for reducing their stubborn behavior. If parents will not work on it then their child can become an extremist and can not get patience in them.

    I believe that if you will well train your children in the beginning then they can not let down you at any stage of their life. The growing age of a child is very important that is 4-5 years and parents should observe and guide them till their 18. They learn many things from their environment especially they observed their parents a lot and from there they pick up the little things that elders can not be realized. For instance, a father is doing smoking in front of his child, and then he/she must understand that smoking is not a bad thing and after that he/she will try to taste it just because he/she got the wrong thing from parent. Similarly if a child watches his mother and observed that his mother is a very hardworking lady and take care of him, so he learns that he should become like his mother and from this little age he will start care of his parents and realized the their importance in his life.

    To sum up all points, in my point of view parents should behave well in front of their children because they learn a lot from them. They are the 1st instructor of their children and its up to them whether they want to become a good teacher or a bad teacher fro their children.
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    Smile Re: plz help me to suggest some new words in this essay and also correct the mistake

    anybody can check it.. hows my essay and which point should i add on this topic? suggest me plzz?


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