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    How to improve written English

    I studied English at school from the age of 9. I've got LLB Hons degree from the University of Hertfordshire. I am currently training to become a chartered marketer and I am planning to embark on post-graduate study in marketing. As a marketer, I am expected to write letters, brochures, adverts and copy-write. Writing, for me, is challenging and often my written sentences makes no sense, grammatically. If I don't improve my written English, I will not be able to progress further in my career. I do read a lot of books, occasionally broadsheet newspapers, mainly at weekends. I have had odd grammar lessions but I still haven't seen any significant improvements. Can you suggest something.

    Many thanks

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    Re: How to improve written English

    Your post grammar seems pretty good-- there are some spelling errors and errors of register (formality)-- using abbreviated forms, for instance-- but otherwise, no big problems are evident. Keep reading the sorts of things you need to write. Google for 'business letters', 'writing style' (here's one: ), etc. and note the styles and vocabularies.

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