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    Impossible (?) sentence


    I am looking for some native English speaker who can help me out with what seems to me a pretty dumb problem:
    To any of your knowledge, does the word "doll" have a meaning, apart from "replica of a human figure, used as a toy"?

    You see, for a school assignment, I need to make a sentence out of the following words: when a helps she thinks problem trouble Mary has doll her has. And it just doesn't seem to make sense to me. I know that 'to trouble' can also be a verb, but if something is troubling Mary (or the doll, you never know), the word should be "troubles", shoudn't it? As for the other words in the sentence, I don't think they can mean anything else. So I guessed that maybe on this particular occasion, a doll is not what I think it is...

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    Re: Impossible (?) sentence

    Quote Originally Posted by Hade
    when, a, helps, she, thinks, problem, trouble, Mary, has, doll, her, has.
    verbs: helps, thinks, has, has
    nouns and pronouns: she, trouble(s), Mary, doll, her, problem
    adverb: when
    article: a

    If there are two HAS's ,then,

    When Mary has a problem, has trouble, she thinks a doll helps her.

    If there is only one HAS, and if trouble has an -s, then,

    When Mary has a problem, she thinks a doll helps her troubles.

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