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    It is correct to say :"I am in a blue disposition today"?
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    Re: student

    I am not a teacher, but I am a native speaker.

    By "blue", I think you mean "sad" or "depressed".

    "I am feeling sad today". Or "I am feeling depressed today".

    Just know that the second can sound childish to some people, because "depression" is a mental sickness, not really a mood that you can get for a few hours. But you will hear both.

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    Re: student

    No, we would not say "in a blue disposition", although I do understand what you mean. I think saying that you are "blue" is somewhat outdated or old-fashioned. An informal expression of this is to say, "I'm feeling kind of down, today." It is very common to say "I'm kind of depressed, today." and just mean you are not feeling very happy, not that you have a mental illness. I did not know that some people would consider such a comment as childish. I have lived in three distinct areas of the US and this was not the case. (I've never lived in Texas, however.) I think it was very good that jackolantern pointed out that there is also a sickness called depression. From context you can generally understand which condition the speaker is talking about. Also, rather than saying "disposition" most people simply call it a "mood".

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