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    Books about Holocaust reports

    Good evening dear forum members.

    Two days ago I bought two books via The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and The Book Thief. Today they have been delivered and just 5 minutes ago I finished the former on.
    The idea of two boys -more oppositional one could imagine- is really heart-touching. I don't know exactly why but I really liked this book and hope that the The Book Thief will even surpass my expectations.
    Since I am really interested in the Holocaust affairs I am searching for written reports of surviving victims of the Nazi Concentration Camps. Deeply moved when reading anything about the terror these people had to suffer from I want to improve my knowledge about this certain topic ( is this sentence correct?). The history books we use in school just give you a slight overview of the political and military affairs before and during World War 2 and therefore one is not really able to understand how cruel the Nazis were. But please don't understand me wrongly. I know that other countries were nearly as cruel as Germany, too (Russia, Japan).

    If there are any books you could recommend to me I would be very grateful.


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    Re: Books about Holocaust reports

    Hello, I'm 'The French',

    Perhaps you can see on wikipédia, because I think in wikipédia you have article with reference of books about The Second War and the life of judes too, during that bad part of history.

    Have a nice day.

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    Re: Books about Holocaust reports

    I think it is quite interesting as well. However, I find I cannot just keep reading these books one after the other, or I get in an awful mood.

    Here is a list I found of books about life in concentration camps:

    Concentration Camps - Research and Read Books, Journals, Articles at Questia Online Library

    For general books on life in Nazi Germany/Japan, just search "Nazi germany" on You may have to look through some descriptions to find the books that are from the people's perspectives who lived it.

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    Re: Books about Holocaust reports

    Hello and thank you for your recommendation.


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