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    Regarding English Grammar

    Sir/Madam, (whoever reads this)
    My name is Hari. I have been working at Bangalore, INDIA, as a CAD Operator. I like English language very much and I would like to learn more. I wanted to polish my language skill. So, I started refering dictionaries. In these dictionaries, I could not get the usage of words. I believe, despite getting mere meanings of the words, if I don't know how to make sentences out of it, it is of no use. So, can you please clear my doubts if I send you e-mails? If so, can you please send me a mail, giving me your ID,
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    Re: Regarding English Grammar

    We don't allow the display of emails here because it encourges spam. However, you can post any questions here about word usage and they will get answered.

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