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    Dear teacher

    what is difference between(to still,to rob, to burgle)

    I want to know about this expression (see you later alligator). Is it used just by kids? and what does alligator here mean?

    most of students in this class passed the examination.Is it fine we don't use (the)befote students?or we should say most of the students in this class passed the examination.

    Is it fine to say all students in this class passed the examination.
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    Re: english12

    Steal- take things that aren't yours
    Rob- take things from people and places
    You steal money, TVs, etc
    You rob a bank or rob someone
    Practice here-

    Burgle- enter houses and other building to take money and things

    'See you later, alligator' is a phrase from an old song. It doesn't mean anything- it just sounds good because of the rhyme with ;later. The answer was 'In a while, crocodile'.


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