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    absence and lack

    Dear teachers,

    Would you have the kindness to explain to me the difference of the meaning of the synonyms “absence” and “lack” in the following sentence from the A.J.Cronin’s “Hatter’s Castle”?

    “…in his blind autocratic way he had not paused to consider, that the absence of competition and lack of choice might drive many people to him.”

    What is your opinion about the usage of the mentioned above synonyms in the following sentences from J. Galsworthy’s “End of the Chapter” and A.Silitoe’s “Key to the Door”.

    “Since I knew you I’ve grasped the real importance of money”
    “And what’s that?”
    “Not to be divided from you by the absence of it.”

    “…it has been supposed up to them that the lack of it (money) had been the cause of all their quarrels.”

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: absence and lack

    A lack can be a shortage as well, so it could imply a very restricted choice rather than none at all, but they could be synonymous too.

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