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Thread: 'No joy'

  1. lynn82

    Question 'No joy'

    I need to know the meaning of this phrase in the following context please.

    A: We seem to argue a lot when we chat online. maybe it's because we haven't met since you moved away

    B: I think that people change. we now have different personalities and different attitudes to life

    A: hopefully we meet soon!

    B: yeah, hopefully sometime soon. 'No joy so far'

    what does speaker B mean by ;no joy so far'

    Many thanks

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    Re: 'No joy'

    Quote Originally Posted by lynn82 View Post
    what does speaker B mean by ;no joy so far'
    We say this when we have been wanting something to happen and up to the time of speaking it hasn't happened yet or the result is less than expected. So we feel a little disappointed and therefore it's a feeling of 'No joy'. It's not restricted to relationships such as your example.
    eg I have tried to get my computer fixed. It hasn't happened so I might say 'No joy so far,' if someone asks me about it and I am still trying to fix it.


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