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    Question Quiz-Enough-2

    Hello; I'm 'The French',

    I try on this website the quiz which is called Enough-2 (beginner level), but I'm made two mistakes (number 23 and 24).

    I think I know the English grammar rule for the use of enough, but I saw the correction, and I still have not understand the answers who is giving by the correction.

    I write phrase number twenty-three below:

    23) "He's bored because he doesn't have enough to do.(why it's not to do enough?)

    The rule is :

    Adjective or adverb + enough or enough + noun

    To do is the infinitive form of do, it's not a noun, why in this case the good answer is that.

    Thank for you help, have a nice day.

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    Re: Quiz-Enough-2

    "enough" is a pronoun here.

    Have you had enough (= to eat)?

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