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    I am a mother of one and have just "Making Things Right" and had to hold back the tears. I am guilty of snapping at my son. After this article I have decided to make a lifelong changing decision to act in a calmer fashion and talk to my son with more respect, (1)because one, he deserves it and two, I would not like somebody to act towards me in that way. I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes and also writing such a superb article. I have just subscribed to your ezine and look forward to reading more information about bettering my family.

    I'd like to know the meaning of "one" and "two" in (1).

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: one/two

    It's like using 'first/firstly and second/secondly', without sequencing them. It helps to emphasise that there are two reasons, but doesn't necessarily make the first more important.

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