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    Singular or plural

    Friends, I'm confuse regarding the usage of countable and uncountable noun in this sentence. Because of the obscurity of that word I'm not been able to comprehend whether it's singular or plural. Actually, I want to use this term in my sentence: "vote bank trust". In this sentence I'm not sure term "vote bank" is countable noun or uncountable noun, in other words singular or plural. Only after knowing it I can put "s" with the word trust. So, chums help me figure out it's singular or plural and the sentence should be : "vote bank trust" or "vote bank trusts" ?

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    Re: Singular or plural

    If Vote Bank is its name, you'll see singular and plural verbs being used. In BrE, we use both, while in AmE, they use the singular mostly. I am afraid I'm not sure what the situation is in Indian English.

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