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Thread: Can you see me?

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    Can you see me?

    Hello, teachers.
    I have difficulty understanding the following passage from a 1940 novel.

    (A city editor has got a tip that a certain very rich old woman in New York is planning a hay ride up Broadway that night. He speaks with a reporter who is a friend of the old woman)
    City Editor: "Have you been invited on this hay ride?"
    Society Reporter: "I have."
    City Editor: "Are you going?"
    Society Reporter: "Can you see me?"
    City Editor: "No," grumbled Warner, "but I don't know the requirements of your job. I reckon you have to pay for your fun one way or another."
    Society Reporter: "I'm getting to the point where I can pick and choose. I've got better copy for my column than old Flora Ward's hay ride."

    What does the society reporter mean by "Can you see me?" I cannot make head or tail of this and the rest of the conversation. I am grateful if you could help me.

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    Re: Can you see me?

    It could be another way of saying, "Can you imagine me going on a hay ride?"

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    Re: Can you see me?

    That's it!

    Can you see me going (on the aforementioned hay ride ( hay ride = a trip, an outing)


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