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Thread: Being Roasted

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    Being Roasted

    I am unsure whether the following is correct use of grammar:

    a) "The turkey WAS ROASTING because it was Christmas day"

    FOWLER'S MODERN ENGLISH USAGE (3rd Ed) says that the above actually means:

    b) "The turkey WAS BEING ROASTED"

    I am not certian if a) is an acceptable version of b) - I know that a) users active voice and that b) uses a passive voice, but i am not sure if they both mean the same thing.

    Does a) actually suggested that the turkey was doing the roasting?

    Thank you, forum members

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    Re: Being Roasted

    They mean the same, and both are correct.

    Rephrase of #1: It was Christmas Day so the turkey was roasting in the oven.


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