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    Would anyone please explain the following in bold in easy English?

    1. We like telling executives that no one wants to be led by a has-been. That really hits a lot of them in the gut. Here they are, business leaders who live in the comfortable world they built for themselves and surrounded by the trappings of success, and someone who has climbed an icy peak is insinuating that they've stopped being the leader they imagine themselves to be. We ask them, "How often do you take real risks in your career?"

    2. Most religions teach us that death is the beginning of something even better. Whether a better existence awaits, or one reincarnates to work through current failings, death is a door for what's next.

    Thank you.
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    Re: insinuating

    Cannot gurantee the correctness. But, here are what I think.

    That really hits a lot of them in the gut = That hurts the feelings of a lot of them.

    is insinuating = doubts/has a doubt/is doubtful

    to work through current failings = to do the (good) things that he/she has failed to do in this life


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