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    Heeelp! Tree diagramm Syntax is killing me

    Is there anybody out there, who may help me with my last writting assignment in Syntax. This course is killing me. I actually liked lingusitics, but this Prof. does not seem to like me =( He told me I was stupid, but I am really not! And I wsnt to show him. So, when I was working on my last assignment, which I need to pass in order to finish this course, I realized that I do know a few things, but I am not completely sure. Since I want to pass it very good I thought to ask some experts. Hopefully you can help me!

    The question is: Provide the most appropriate tree diagram for the two phrases:
    1) the student from Iwoa
    2) the student of linguistics

    3) the students of linguistics from Iwoa

    Sorry, but where is the difference?

    And then there are two more questions I am not sure about:
    1. What does 4) show us about the internal structure of the NP in 3) and why?
    4) the student from Iwoa of linguistics

    2. What do the data of the two following sentences tell us about the internal structure of English NPs and why?

    5) the student from Iwoa with long hair
    6) the student of linguistics of physics

    Of course that last sentence sounds odd, but I cannot explain and give the correct terminology for it.

    Hope you guys can help me!

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    Re: Heeelp! Tree diagramm Syntax is killing me

    Well, without wanting to do the whole exercise for you.... ;)

    The important point is that the PP in (1) is an adjunct, while that in (2) would naturally be taken as a complement - i.e. "student" is a relational noun, you have to be a student of something*. I think this should enable you to sort the rest of the assignment out.

    * As one linguist I know might put it, to be a student you need an argument :).

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    Re: Heeelp! Tree diagramm Syntax is killing me

    hmm well, yes thank you. but I actually did the tasks by myself ;) I just wanted to be sure if I did them right!

    I actually thought that these sentences make no sense, since they are missing an "is" like in the student from Iwoa (--> The student is from Iowa).

    But your answer will help me! thank you, I'll think about it again.

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